Happy Summer! 🌞 We miss you already!
 MVWS Summer
Office Hours
Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

1st Monthly Tuition Payment Due
Monday, July 1st
*unless you selected the 15th as your payment date in TADS*

Yearbook Signing & Pick-Up Party
Thursday, July 11th
10:00 a.m.

Early Childhood Orientation Night
Wednesday, August 28th
4:45 p.m.

Grades 1 - 8 Orientation Night
Thursday, August 29th
4:45 p.m. for Grades 1-3
6:15 p.m. for Grades 4-8

First Day of School
Tuesday, Sept. 3rd

Stargazing Concert
Saturday, Sept. 7th
Letter from our Dean

But First: Important Dates!

Wednesday, August 28th: Parent/Toddler, Preschool, and Kindergarten Orientation - 4:45pm start time

Thursday, August 29th: Grades 1 - 8 Orientation
4:45pm start time for grades 1-3
6:15pm start time for grades 4-8

Monday, September 2nd: Labor Day (no school) 

Tuesday, September 3rd: First Day of School

Saturday, September 7th: Stargazing Concert

Please note that attendance at Orientation is required for at least one parent/caregiver of every student, and that Maple Village does not provide childcare. Additionally, your child’s old earthquake kit will be returned to you at Orientation, and their new earthquake kit will be collected. View a PDF of earthquake kit instructions here.  Toddler and Baby class students do not need earthquake kits.  More Orientation details are forthcoming, but save the date now!

Dear Maple Village Families,
As our 2018/19 school year has come to a close, we wanted to share some movement in our faculty as we say farewell to some and welcome to others!
Kimberly Raine has been at Maple Village for three years, and she came to us when we needed her most. We were in a time of transition with a Kindergarten teacher who went out on medical leave, and then she stepped in to be our Manzanita class teacher during their third grade year. She has been a wealth of strength, steadiness, wisdom, support and sheer joy. We will miss her dearly as her students merge with our Shady Trees class, and Kimberly goes on to focus on her other passions. We are thankful she will stay on as a substitute for EC and Grades, and as we continue our relationship with Red Rose, we plan to still see Kimberly around for after-school programs!
Peggy Reilly will not be returning to teach the Laurel Tree class next fall.  Her decision, made with a heavy heart, was based upon the long daily commute from Altadena to Long Beach.  In all other respects besides the drive, she loves the school, the community, her colleagues, and most of all, the Laurel children and families.  She is returning to Pasadena Waldorf School where she took the class of 2020 from grade one to eight.  She will take the first grade at PWS, a mere one-minute drive from her home. The Waldorf community of southern California is a tight-knit group which will make staying in touch with the Laurels and Maple Village a breeze!  
Anna Adkisson came to Maple Village as our first Strings Teacher in 2013 and has stayed through all of our growth. We owe her much gratitude as she built our program into what it is today. She then brought her daughter, Lucy Ford, to us, and Lucy has been teaching our beginning strings class for two years. They are both moving on to other areas of focus at this time in their lives, and we are currently interviewing new music teachers. We send so much appreciation to Anna, Lucy and their entire talented family for adopting us over all these years. 
Maple Village parent and woodworker extraordinaire, Larry Tong, became our Woodworking teacher two years ago has taught our 5th - 8th graders with patience, joy and ease. Larry is also focusing on other interests in the coming year, but will be available for subbing. We are currently interviewing Woodworking teachers. Thank you, Larry!
Additions to our Faculty!
Dear Maple Village Community,
Our Hiring Committee and whole faculty is very excited to share the news of our newest faculty members!
Each year we have the exciting quest of hiring a new Grade 1 teacher to take that class through the grades. Please welcome our new First Grade teacher, Bobbie Gonzales. We have been watching Bobbie from afar for a few years, hoping she would one day join our faculty. We are delighted and honored to add her to our team! Bobbie has been teaching at the Waldorf School of Pasadena for the past 15 years.  Please see her Bio below.

Barbara (Bobbie) Gonzales was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  She has a BA in Human Development with an emphasis on Child Development, and has also received her Waldorf Teaching Certificate from the Waldorf Institute of Southern California.


Bobbie has been teaching at the Pasadena Waldorf School for the past fifteen years, is bilingual in Spanish and English, and has a true passion for Waldorf Education.  She has four daughters, lives in Pico Rivera and loves to read and travel.


Her Waldorf journey began nearly 20 years ago with the birth of her first daughter.  Bobbie was raised in public schools, and while she enjoyed her school years and thrived academically, instinctually she knew something was missing.  In an effort to ensure her children would receive a holistic education, she began to research different educational methods.  She was thrilled to find Waldorf education, as this was exactly what she had envisioned.  Her first experience with “Waldorf children” confirmed her beliefs.  The education she had envisioned for her daughter soon became an education for herself. 


After many years of school with a focus in law and work experience in accounting, she was approached about the possibility of joining Pasadena Waldorf School under the tutelage of Master Teacher, Sam Glaze.  Bobbie worked alongside him for grades 2, 3, and 4.  While reading Renewal magazine, she chanced upon an article about the Waldorf School in Guanajuato, Mexico (Colegio Yeccan).  The following year Bobbie moved to Mexico, enrolled her daughter at Colegio Yeccan and she became the foreign language teacher for grades 1-8.  When circumstances beyond anyone’s control took the first grade teacher back to the States, Bobbie eagerly stepped into the role of interim first grade teacher.  Her move to Mexico was always intended to be a one-year experience, and Bobbie returned to the Pasadena Waldorf School. 


After many years assisting, co-teaching and leading in grades 1 - 5, Bobbie is very excited to take her own first grade and become a part of our Maple Village community. 

Additionally, as soon as we found out our Laurel Tree teacher Peggy Reilly would not be be returning, we began working to find a new teacher for the rising 2nd graders. Luckily, we already had strong applicants for the 1st Grade position, so we looked at all candidates for their strengths and the student constellation. We are very thrilled to let you know that the new rising 2nd Grade Laurel Tree teacher actually comes as a pair! 
Please meet our new Dream Team for the coming year:
Cori Amendt, Main Lesson Co-Teacher
Jewel Nicholson, Practice Lesson Co-Teacher
This is a very exciting dynamic for all of us, as Ms. Amendt will act as the mentor teacher and intends to take the class through the grades, while Ms. Jewel is able to teach while completing her Waldorf Teacher Certification.
Cori Amendt (2nd Grade main lesson co-teacher) is a Multiple Subject Credentialed Teacher, who holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology, with a minor in Child Development. She has studied Waldorf education at Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California. 

She enjoys spending time in nature with her family (hiking, biking, lounging), reading, writing, and travel. Learning is a lifelong enjoyment and pursuit for her, particularly in her journey to bilingualism of the Italian language. 

Her professional career began as a Counselor for young children in crisis. Eventually, this work led her to the classroom, where she felt she could be of bountiful service to the youth in her community.  She has been in education for over a decade, in public, private and charter schools. After she met her husband, an Italian national, she went on to teach in Italy at Lycee Francias for 2 years, as the English Department Coordinator and Foreign Language Teacher across the grades (K-8). 
Upon returning to the US, she found what she considers her truest calling, that of a Waldorf teacher. Under esteemed mentorships, she took a class through grades 1-3 at Ocean Charter School in Culver City, as Lead Teacher. After two loving years home with her son, she is eager to return to the classroom to continue this meaningful work.  
Jewel Marie Nicholson (2nd Grade practice lesson co-teacher) was born and raised in Long Beach, California. She has a BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in photography and is currently enrolled at the Waldorf Institute of Southern California, where she is on a journey to receive her Waldorf Teaching certification. For the past three years, she has served the Maple Village community with her wisdom, love, laughter, and dedication. She has worn many hats, and taken on various roles and is now excitedly taking on the position as the Second Grade Practice Lesson Co-Teacher.

As with most of her life experiences, Jewel serendipitously fell into the Waldorf community. Jewel believes that living with a keen sense of self-awareness, and walking through the journey of life with an open heart and a sound mind has the potential to lead you to the most magical and soul-rewarding places. After traveling up and down the coast - living in an old hunting lodge at the top of a mountain in Darby, Montana for a stint, then making her way to the heart of the international district of Seattle, Washington - Jewel found that she was ready to return back to Long Beach to grow roots. She was hoping to water these roots by finding a way to make a living by following her passions, utilizing her natural born gifts, and refining her mind, heart, and hands through mental, soulful, and skillful expansion.

As it was written in the soul of Jewel’s journey through this lifetime, she stumbled into the doors of Maple Village as if guided by cosmic wind. Three years later, its pedagogy speaks to her moral compass and wishes for educational reformation even more with the encroachment of her fourth year held warmly by the Maple Village community.

Jewel looks forward to amplifying the love and support that we all wish to provide this year’s rising second graders as they walk through this human experience, as well as the future generations and keepers of our Earth.
Early Childhood
Parent Toddler Assistant:
Since our amazing Ms. Alyssa has grown into a new position with us (teaser - see below), we have hired a new Parent/Toddler Class Assistant, Marisa Walker! Marisa is already a part of our community, a wonderful match for Ms. Francesca, and they are excited for the year ahead.
Marisa Walker was born and raised in San Diego, California. She has been working with children for over 10 years, offering creative sensory spaces for younger children to explore the world.  After her first child was born, Marisa opened her home to lactating parents, offering a comfortable safe place for them to chat about the difficulties that can arise in the breastfeeding relationship, along the spectrum of growth from newborns to full term nurslings.  Marisa loved holding space for parents, and even more so enjoyed watching the children who attended these inclusive gatherings, playing and exploring organically. Evolving from a Lactation Educator, she then felt called to join her mentors as an All Birth Doula, or Birth Assistant. She completed an advanced course on Ancient Postpartum healing, and dedicated time focusing her efforts on healing the birth mother and lifting up the whole family, while ensuring all siblings are adjusting well to their new family dynamic. Marisa held babysign read-alongs, and taught baby sign language to local parenting groups. Gently guiding her own children during the vital early childhood years, these experiences have prepared Marisa in many ways to fall into the role of Parent Toddler Assistantship. As a full-time Mum, and Parent at Maple Village, Marisa is inspired by the magic and wonder of Waldorf Early Childhood Education.  Creating rhythm and simplistic beauty in her home, she has witnessed how this way of life can truly transform families for the better.  Marisa believes that growth is infinite and children are the best teachers. She looks forward to further growth and deeper learning in the years to come. 
Preschool Assistants: 
Since our sweet Ms. Kelley had her baby in the Spring, we have two new Preschool Assistants! 
Alyssa Bishop has moved over from Parent/Toddler class to be our Poppy Preschool (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Assistant. She is over the moon to be working with Ms. Mele and the preschool children. 
Alyssa just completed her first year wtih Maple Village, assisting in Parent/Toddler and Extended Care, as well as teaching Gardening. Freshly graduated from California State University Long Beach with a Liberal Studies major and emphasis in Early Childhood Education Alyssa Bishop is so excited to further her growth as an educator with Maple Village. Alyssa received a 200 Hour Yoga Certification through Long Beach School of Yoga in 2015. Since then she has been sharing her practice with a wide range of students. Alyssa offers a free kids yoga class every last Saturday of the month alongside the adult Free Yoga on the Beach hosted daily in Long Beach. She has led an inclusive yoga class with the Friendship Foundation since 2016. Through this experience she fell in love with guiding students with disabilities into deeper connections to their mind, body and spirit. Alyssa is fascinated with the cyclical aspects of gardening and bases her practice off the cycles of the moon. Planting seeds from food at the new moon and watching life appear. She loves sharing about DIY composting methods as it heals the soil, but also cultivates a lifestyle of returning all that is used back to the earth. Alyssa is drawn to the circle and connects with it as she dances with hoops or when she plays the sound bowl and frame drum. Believer in learning as a lifestyle Alyssa is ready for the infinite growth she will receive learning from her mentors, peers and students.
Please welcome Angie Perez to our school, who will be our new Sweet Pea (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) Preschool Assistant and Early Childhood After-Care Assistant! Angie comes to us from the Waldorf School of Orange County, where she has been working in Early Childhood. A resident of Long Beach, she is truly looking forward to working in her own community at Maple Village. 
Angie Perez was born, raised and educated in Colombia. She earned her BA degree in Social Work.  While in college, Angie gained experience working with kids with behavioral challenges.  Currently, she is working toward her Waldorf teacher certification.

In her free time she enjoys cooking, a passion discovered while living in Italy for many years. She also likes reading, feeling the wind in her face while she rides her bike, traveling and learning more about different cultures. She also enjoys singing to her cat. By living in different countries she became trilingual, she is fluent in Spanish, Italian and English… and basic Portuguese. 

Angie started her career at Waldorf as a little after care assistant and playgroup-bridge assistant/lead teacher at Waldorf School Orange County.  She fell in love with the Waldorf education the second she first observed a kindergarten class, and knew that being a teacher here was a job with purpose and a role that would bring her joy every day.

Angie has a smile and warm attitude whenever she goes. Lately, she is interested in the art of storytelling and therapeutically approaches for children with sensorial and social challenges. 

She now lives in Long Beach where she enjoys its diversity and sense of community.

Kindergarten Assistants: 
It is always good practice for assistant teachers to work with different lead teachers on their journey.  In this light, Lori Lochmiller, who was previously our Larkspur Kindergarten Assistant, is moving over to work with Miss Charlotte in the Sunflower Kindergarten Class. 
Before becoming a Kindergarten assistant teacher, Lori Lochmiller had been our Parent/Toddler assistant for two years and had been substituting in our Preschool and Kindergarten classes. She has been volunteering in the Parent Village since 2012 when her daughters Maddy and Tessa began attending Maple Village. Lori recently completed Foundation Studies at the Waldorf School of Orange County and plans to continue with Waldorf Teacher Training. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at The University of Delaware and has worked as a School Nurse in an elementary school where she fell in love with teaching children. When Lori is not at school, she enjoys being out in nature, yoga, handwork, great works of fiction and dancing. She is honored to share her enthusiasm for Waldorf education with students from Preschool to Grade 8.
Each year, we wonder, where will our valuable teacher, Elaine Black, wind up next? She began as a Kindergarten Assistant and then traveled through the grades and aftercare to wind up back where she began and feels she belongs. Elaine will be our new Larkspur Kindergarten Assistant, and we are delighted! 

Elaine Black (Larkspur Kindergarten Assistant Teacher) is a Long Beach native.  She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a degree in English - Creative Writing in 2014.  She then came to work at Maple Village in the fall of 2014. She was originally hired as a part-time assistant in the Sunflower kindergarten but fate pulled her into the grades as an aide.  For the past five years Elaine has served as a one on one for many children in the grades program. She is grateful to have worked alongside and learned from so many talented grades teachers. Elaine has worn many hats during her time at Maple Village and you may have seen her supporting students in various classrooms, on yard duty, tutoring students, and teaching in extended care over the past years. 

In the Spring of 2018 she completed her foundation studies in the program offered by the Waldorf School of Orange county.  In completing this program she has furthered her knowledge of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. 

Elaine is excited and grateful for the opportunity to step into a kindergarten assistant position  with the Larkspur class. She looks forward to continuing to grow and learn during her journey at Maple Village. 

From the Office

Yearbook Signing & Pick-Up Party

Hi friends,


Yearbook will include the end-of-the-year plays and beach day. We will have a pick-up and signing party at school on...


Thursday, July 11th at 10am


Put it in your calendars now!


If you need to buy one, you still can! $40 until the last one of that first order is sold.
Feel free to email info@maplevillageschool.org to get invoiced for a yearbook in advance and get on the list for easy pick-up ($40 + 3% cc fee) or come by with cash or check. I’m off to vacation so please direct all questions through the office.


Jo Hendrix
Yearbook Chair 2017-2019 

2019-2020 Faculty Wish List

As we prepare for next year, we are looking for community help to fulfill these wishlist items for our faculty:

  • Sunflower Kindergarten:
    • new surface on the kitchen work table
    • paint the Sunflower classroom white (Aug. 2 at earliest)
    • new floor in the Sunflower bathroom
  • 5th Grade Cottonwoods:
    • hang black-out curtains over front window so they are able to be fully pulled out of the way but entirely cover front window if needed
  • Middle School Shady Trees:
    • church outer entry door to middle school campus: light switch that controls the outside bubble lights is broken, needs fixing
  • Social Hall:
    • fix broken floor board in stage floor
    • assemble new rack for folding chairs
  • Outside:
    • We need a new sign for the school, preferably wood. If you are able to help with contacts, finances, or ideas, please contact kari.rahni@maplevillageschool.org
    • secure current play structure
    • re-hang shade sails (high enough that kids can't grab and hang on)
    • install new play yard equipment
    • pressure wash all outside walkways & stairs
    • trim all trees, including trees on sidewalk, and remove debris
    • weeding
    • move wood chips from sidewalk area back into play yard
    • relocate 3rd grade garden to corner of 6th & Termino
    • install 3 ft. wood picket fence for new garden
    • move wood chips from main area to balancing area outside business office
    • replace broken glass pane in Grove window (experienced person only)

If you are able to give your time, money, and/or expertise, please let us know!  Donations are tax-deductible and work will earn you volunteer hours.  Thank you!

Summer Office Hours

The MVWS office will be open this summer from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays & Thursdays, with the exception of next week (4th of July).  If you'd like to stop by campus on a different day or time, please call ahead to see if anyone is working onsite.

Staffing will be spread out between our admin team, so if you need to meet with a specific administrator we recommend emailing or calling first to check their individual schedules.

Our 2019-2020 school year calendar is here - get those important dates marked down now!   View/print it here.
 From the Board
The MVWS Board of Trustees has met twice in June.  You can read a PDF summary of the meetings online:
Parent Village
Summer Gratitude

Dear Maple Village community,

Summer is a perfect time to focus on what you are grateful for and practice acts of kindness with your kids!  The Gratitude Committee would like to share a bit of summer inspiration with you this season.


Summer Rhythm Inspiration
  • Make something Monday
  • Try or Taste something Tuesday
  • Wander somewhere (wet) Wednesday
  • Be Thankful and Thoughtful Thursday
  • Family Fun on Friday
  • Self-care Saturday
 Gratitude Scavenger Hunt for Kids

1.      Find something outside you enjoy looking at

2.      Find something that is useful for you

3.      Find something that is your favorite color

4.      Find something you know someone else will enjoy

5.      Find something that makes you happy

6.      Find something that tastes good

7.      Find something that smells amazing

8.      Discover something new

9.      Find something that makes you feel safe

10.  Find something that makes a beautiful sound

11.  Find someone you are grateful for

12.  Find something that is unique to you

13.  Find something that makes you laugh

14.  Find something in the night that you enjoy

15.  Find something in the morning that you enjoy

16.  Find a friend/pet that you love spending time with

17.  Find your favorite place to spend alone time

18.  Find something that reminds you of people you love

19.  Find something you enjoy doing outside with friends

20.  Find a place that you love



The Power of our Actions and Words

Here is a great experiment to do with your kids:

Cotton vs. Sandpaper words:


Summer Acts of Kindness

1.  Wash someone’s car.

2.  Make paper fans to pass out at the playground.

3.  Hand out popsicles to outdoor workers.

4.  Pick up trash at the beach.

5.   Make a sunshine or other piece of art to send to someone.

6.  Call your grandparents or other relative and share your favorite memory or ask them theirs.

7.  Send a thank you to someone who inspires you.

8.  Collect canned food at your next barbeque.

9.  Put a small recycling bin in your car for when you’re on the go.

10.   Pay off someone’s layaway bill.

11.  Tell a joke.

12.  Clean out closets and donate outgrown clothes and toys.

13.  Leave an ice cream gift card for the mail person.

14.  Plant something.

15.  Leave  chalk messages on the sidewalk.

16.  Take treats to the fire station.

17.  Donate to local charity.

18.  Hand out water at a homeless shelter.

19.  Carry a  poem in your pocket and read it to everyone you meet.

20.  Donate a container or bubbles to your local YMCA or group home.

21.  Tape money for the ice cream truck to a friend’s door.

22.  Bury treasure at the playground.

23.  Check in on an elderly neighbor.

24.  Give candy  to your bank teller.

25.  Pass out stickers to kids waiting at a restaurant.

26.  Leave a  letter in a library book.

27.  Buy iced tea or coffee for a stranger.

28.   Decorate hand sanitizer for the nurses station.

29.  Record a video message for a faraway family member.

30.   Pass out water at the park.

31.  Leave a book for a child in the waiting room.

32.  Thank a service member.

33.  Host an  Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

34.  Donate sunblock to women’s shelter or Boys and Girls Club.

35.  Leave a kite on someone’s doorstep.

36.  Tape change to a parking meter.

37.  Leave  happy notes around town.

38.  Let someone go ahead of you in line.

39.  Make a meal for a new mother.

40.  Volunteer to  work in a community garden.

41.  Host a  Trike-a-thon.

42.  Bring flowers to a nursing home.

43.  Make a bookmark for your librarian.

44.  Feed the birds.

45.  Send kids on a  “Secret Service Mission”.

46.  Volunteer to walk dogs at the animal shelter.

47.  Weed a neighbor’s yard.

48.   Leave bubbles at your local park.

49.  Tell the manager how good the service was at a local store.

50.  Smile.  It’s contagious.


Scrip Obligations & Clarifications

Hello Maple Village families! It’s hard to believe summer is upon us! It’s a busy time of year as we tidy up loose ends at school and make plans for next year.

As you may know, all families enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th Grade pledged to contribute $75 to Maple Village through Scrip – a program for Maple Village which helps us to raise funds for the school. As mentioned at the beginning of the year, there were several ways to contribute to your $75 pledge, without being invoiced at the end of the year:

  1. AMAZON SMILE: Making your purchases on Amazon Smile, with its portal connected to Maple Village as the charity beneficiary. If purchases happen on Amazon Smile’s Maple Village portal, the school gets an allocation of those funds from Amazon as a charitable contribution. For more on setting this up, visit: www.smile.amazon.com

  1. LAZY ACRES (tracked through eScrip): Setting up an account where a percentage of proceeds go toward your $75 pledge.

  1. SHOP WITH SCRIP: Purchasing gift cards from the scrip site directly, where a percentage of the card’s purchase will go towards your $75 pledge.

  1. ESCRIP: Link your credit card to eScrip and earn money for Maple Village from participating restaurants.

  1. MIGHTY NEST: Shop this home and lifestyle website where a portion of your sale goes to our school.

  1. iGIVE: An online mall where you access websites, like Stub Hub, and the school receives a portion of your sale.

  1. RALPH’S SUPERMARKETS: Link your community card to our school on the Ralph’s website.

  1. BENEFIT MOBILE (NGX): Like Shop With Scrip, buy e-cards to pay for your purchases at major retailers. The school gets a portion of your sale, donated by the company. The bonus is that you can use your credit card to by the e-cards!

A major goal of this program is to link your outside purchases with Lazy Acres, Amazon and Shop With Scrip (as well as the other companies listed) to Maple Village, so that Lazy Acres and Amazon, etc. make contributions to Maple Village directly. This does not increase the price of the products you are purchasing at all – you are simply designating these two companies to donate to Maple Village.

I’ve been tracking Scrip efforts all year and have done my best to calculate accurate Scrip earnings. Each family is contracted to earn $75 in outside contributions. You will be invoiced by the Business Office for any monies due. If my calculations do not match your records, please provide screenshots (Amazon Smile for example) etc. of your efforts so we can update our records. You can email this to scrip@maplevillageschool.org

Next year we plan to do things differently:

For the 2019-2020 school year, all enrolled families will pay $75 up front. This money will sit as a Scrip non-refundable deposit for their family.  Maple Village families will be responsible for keeping track of their own Scrip donations through Amazon Smile, Lazy Acres and purchase of Scrip gift cards,  and may participate in Scrip in one of the following four scenarios as outlined below.

1.  If you choose not to earn any money for the school, you will be invoiced $75 (or whatever the Scrip donation amount is determined to be in the future) at the beginning of the following school year.

2. If you are willing to accumulate Scrip donations, you will still pay $75 up front. From there, you will earn Scrip for the school. If you track and self-report $75 for the school, you will not be asked to pay another $75 at the beginning of the following school year.

3.  If you earn a portion of $75, you will track and self-report what you’ve earned and owe the Business Office the remainder of the $75 for the following year.

4.  If you don’t report anything to the Business Office, you will be charged $75 again at the start of the following school year.

This cycle will repeat every year that you have a child enrolled at Maple Village.

The donation amount is subject to change.

The scrip cycle year will be September 1-August 31, except for this current year where we closed the scrip invoicing at May 31, 2019 for initial billing purposes.


Please email any questions to scrip@maplevillageschool.org. Thank you!

Staying in Touch Over the Summer
Share your thoughts - Parent Village Feedback email address:
As a village we believe that it is very important to have a place for our parent community to share your thoughts on what the school may be doing well, may need improvement, or ways that you would like to help in an open and anonymous fashion.  We have created an email for you to send your thoughts to:  ParentVillageFeedback@gmail.com 
This email will be overseen by Andi Levine and Britt Sexton who will track your feedback.  Please use the above email address to let them know what is working, maybe even what you love about the school.  This is also an opportunity to let us know what you would like to see changed, suggestions you may have and resources that you may know of.  YOUR
VOICE MATTERS and we want to hear your thoughts and to find a way to implement any changes that are needed.  If we see a lot of similar feedback, we will present this to the Board to ensure our Parent Voices are being represented.  If you e-mail us and want to be anonymous, please include that in your email and know your wishes will be 100% honored.  We take that super seriously!
Summer handwork gatherings:
We plan to have monthly handwork gatherings over the summer in preparation for Harvest Faire which will take place on November 9, 2019.  This is a great opportunity to stay in touch with the community over the summer and get a head start on your volunteer hours for 2019/2020 school year.  Stay tuned for invitations to join us and work on craft projects for the fair.  If you have craft ideas please contact Andrea Bush at  Ad.bush@yahoo.com
   Waldorf Community
About Maple Village Waldorf School

Maple Village Waldorf School aims to create a compassionate and welcoming environment rooted in the traditions and the philosophies of Waldorf education. We endeavor to engage and nurture the whole child resulting in a balance of heart, mind, body and spirit. We strive to provide a full living education integrating academia, the arts and communal awareness in order to inspire, energize and develop creativity and a love of learning in each student.


For more information or to apply, please call us at (562) 434-8200, email us at info@maplevillageschool.org, or visit our website.
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